Jeffrey C. Richman

Senior Software Engineer


UDXpress (UDTrucks)

Sunday, February 8, 2015
UD Trucks NA came to Bryte Software in 2007 requesting the design of an automated sales quotation system for their 900-strong national salesforce. I responded eagerly to the challenge, designing a user experience which I believed would satisfy even the least tech-savvy truck salesperson, while solving the data problems plaguing UDT's existing paper-and-fax-based sales process.

The system I came up with used an ASP.NET web application running against an MS SQL Server back-end, along with an automated interface I built to UDT's AS/400 mainframe. That mix, in combination with numerous administrator-only management screens to compartmentalize as much management functionality as possible, quickly produced a viable product and minimized the amount of manual intervention that would be necessary to maintain it.

Principal development cost approximately $120,000 and took roughly half a year. After two years in operation, the system had barely generated two weeks of bug fixes and change requests, which I believe is a shining testament to its quality.

A snapshot of their database from October of 2010 says that, in the month prior, the system was used, VOLUNTARILY, by over 95% of a predominantly non-technically-oriented or -inclined salesforce of "truck folks", generating a monthly average of around $20 million in sales quotes for customers.

I believe it's a rare application that pleases both the corporate technical folks as well as the line salespeople, and I'm pleased that I had the opportunity to build it.

Notice how this interface on the large administrative side of the application is a bare-bones copy of an earlier screen. It's not a user-facing page so there's no justification for wasting design and development time on it; expediency rules the day. Juggling those kinds of trade-offs requires quite a bit of experience, not just in the technologies at hand but in knowing how users will react to them.


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