Jeffrey C. Richman

Senior Software Engineer


OM Demo (Consulting)

Sunday, May 14, 2017
In 2017, a prospective client asked me to recommend a technology solution for a new business idea they had, focusing on managing part obsolescence for electronics manufacturers.

No current software solutions both displayed part information for the benefit of OM specialists, and allowed integration of custom data and solutions by those specialists for the end customer.

I recognized that the ideal solution could be not just part-oriented but solution-oriented as well, managing and assisting the entire workflow from initial review of needs and available data through to solution acceptance and long-term monitoring. Both wrapping the service and providing a partially restricted but valuable and participatory portal to it for the customer.

I created a demo of a possible solution, in roughly two weeks over the course of about a month, from my own imagination and from the answers to a lot of dumb questions I asked of the client and another expert.

The client ultimately abandoned their business ambitions, leaving me with full rights to this neat little demo, which could easily be built out into a full system that focuses on YTEOL, inventory discovery, compliance and testing, and/or any other valuable part-specific problem solving.

It's live! Click here to try it yourself!

Some screenshots of it in action are below:


OM Demo (Consulting)

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